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Lasso creates powerful media.
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From scripting, storyboarding, to shooting and editing.

Lasso helps you capture your exact audience. 

Inside The Lasso

  • GTG Builders

    Andrew Gianttassio
    Partner, Owner
    "Lasso has helped us put out good quality video, they helped us script, they're easy to work with. Lasso has a really good sense of how to communicate what we want to tell people."
  • Women of the Vine and Spirits

    Deborah Brenner
    Founder & CEO
    "I am so happy you were able to see the reaction to your incredible video. You nailed it, and they reacted with the emotion we were evoking, it was confirmation. I look forward to working with you again."
  • Ace Electronics

    Sue Di Vila
    Director, Business Dev
    "Thank you Thomas! I think I watched it 10 times already! I love what you and your team captured."
  • Dan Henry Watches

    Partner, Owner
    "Thank you for the video. It is beautiful and is convening the 1937 watch spirit through our brand eyes, congratulations for the work!"


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