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About our client

Frost King
is a 60 year old company that has solidified themselves as the best packaged weatherstripping brands in the United States. As a New Jersey company, Frost King's market is very broad, encapsulating people across America. 

We worked with Frost King via our partners at eDesign Interactive to bring creative video assets to their national campaigns.
frost king

Our Offering

At Lasso, we believe that content is king. So much so, our company was founded with content solely at it's foundation.

Creative direction, Conception, Photo, and Video Creation, Video Editing, Animation. We find creative ways to market manufacturing brands.
frost king

The Collaboration

Frost King is a proven and established manufacturing company in New Jersey. They wanted to increase their direct to consumer positioning and leveraging other sources of marketing via social media. 

Lasso came in to assist with creative conception and execution on a fun social media series of video content.
frost king
Window insulation kit
Double door drafts
Foam tapes
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Our approach

We created a series of videos for Frost King. Each video consisted of telling their story and translating that in the form of video content. From the creative, conception, and visual look and feel, we were able to accurately depect this story. 

Every video was shot in a vertical and traditional 16:9 format for delivery on every playform. From color grading, sound effects, music, we were able to convey cohesion. The series was packaged and delivered for their use.


These series of videos were extremely successful in social proof, developing trust, and maintaining brand awareness. Frost King's goal is to provide value based marketing. In this case, we produced content that directly provides value to prospective customers and existing customers.

3 Insulation Products

24 Videos Created

1 Cohesive Campaign

video production case study

You have to see it to believe it!

Take a look at we created for Frost King

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