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NAI James E. Hanson
is a full service commercial real estate firm committed to providing the highest quality commercial real estate services in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York and has been since it was founded in 1955. Focusing on two clear objectives: to perform extraordinary work and deliver remarkable client service.
NAI James E Hanson

Our Partnership

At Lasso, we believe that content is king. So much so, our company was founded with content solely at it's foundation.

We partnered with R&J Strategic Communications to pair our content creation expertise with their expertise in commerical real estate marketing campaigns.
NAI James E Hanson

The Collaboration

NAI James E. Hanson is the premier commercial real estate firm in the New Jersey market. They have years of experience and knowledge in this market - however, they weren't always able to share it. That's where Lasso came in to help inform their existing clients and prospects on the New Jersey market.
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NAI James E Hanson

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NAI James E Hanson

Our approach

We created a series of 7 videos for NAI James E. Hanson. Each video consisted of conducting interviews with key members of the agency. Of course, ensuring good lighting, sound, and video. We strived for authentic and informative videos - that all starts with good planning, shooting, and packaging in editing and delivery. Ultimately, the videos were cut to a 30-60 second duration with subtitles to make them quick, educational, and fun!


These series of videos were extremely successful in developing trust and maintaining brand awareness. Which is great for existing clients and establishing new business. Not only that, but thanks to targeted campaigns, generated a lot of buzz and more leads!

You have to see it to believe it!

Take a look at what we created for NAI James E. Hanson.

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