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About our client

Rowan University
was founded in 1923 and is quickly becoming one of the best universities in New Jersey. Rowan has medical and academic campuses located in South New Jersey. They also offer a masters program called Rowan Global for being an international graduate program.
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Our Offering

At Lasso, we believe that content is king. So much so, our company was founded with content solely at it's foundation.

Brand Development, Digital Presense, Photo and Video Creation, Targeted campaigns. Higher education marketing isn't easy, but with the right team, we are succesful!
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The Collaboration

Rowan University one of the most diverse and renown university in New Jersey. Rowan is in the unique position to offer a great undergraduate program while allowing students to further their education via Rowan Global. That's where Lasso came in to help grow and refine their marketing efforts for Rowan Global and their graduate programs. We love working on marketing for colleges and universities to reach and obtain new students.
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Our approach

We created a series of 4 videos for Rowan Global. Each video consisted of conducting interviews with various alumni of the program. Authenticity and story telling was at the forefront of the project. Our goal was to bring the viewer into the world of the alumni talking about their experience with Rowan University. That all starts with good planning, shooting, and packaging in editing and delivery.

We created one landing page with the main overview video, 3 program specific videos. To attract students to the landing page we developed 6 unique social campaigns and print advertising in tartgeted areas.


These series of videos were extremely successful in social proof, developing trust, and maintaining brand awareness. The sole goal of college marketing is to increase conversion rates with in-person seminars while also attracting new students. Not only that, but thanks to targeted campaigns, generated a lot of buzz and even more leads!
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3 Unique Stories

33,245 Impressions

238% Increased Conversion Rate

You have to see it to believe it!

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