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May 16, 2024

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.”

-Emma Stone-

You have heard it from business partners, friends, family, advisors… Your business needs video.

For most people, video is an afterthought, something that they do when “the time is right” or when they “have a budget”.

In this article, I will tell you why that is completely wrong!

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Although you are wondering why social media video production is important, you may think we are biased, which is true.

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Why Social Media Video Production is Important

5 Things to Consider:

1. Video doesn't have to be a marketing tool

If your company is small or large, corporate video is important. However, what matters is how it is created and implemented.

Not every business is the same, each business has a unique offering and target market, therefore video should have a unique approach.

Traditionally people think video is a marketing tool, which isn’t necessarily wrong, but video can be so much more when implemented the right way. In fact a single video can be both a marketing asset and offer another function, which is what makes video so powerful!

Since it is hard to describe how video works in a broad way, here are some examples:

A client of mine owns a tea shop in the area, it is a bustling place. Over the past few years they have grown like crazy, they are constantly hiring new hands to help keep up with the demand.

They found a great person to fill the position, but every time they hire someone new they need to pay someone for training which costs valuable money and time. I didn’t like the idea of them constantly spending money and time for training. So I offered a solution, video. We had a perfect training demo recorded, we edited it down to a video that is easy to understand and watch for future trainees. Just like that, a video directly saved the tea shop owner money and time for training in the foreseeable future.

Another example:

I met with a client who was looking for a social media video production company, they offered financial services to the tri-state area. They have been consistently busy with new leads but had a couple key problems. One was that they were spending too much time on sales calls, and the second was that they wanted people to trust them quicker.

There are various solutions to these problems, but in this case, social media video production was the solution. We created a short video that tells the story of their agency. The video shows what makes them different, why they care, and how they can specifically help their customers.  They also picked some of their best clients to speak as testimonials for their brand who explained why they choose to work together and how they were helped and treated along the way.

That is great and all, but it doesn’t matter unless they implement the video in the right way. Luckily, we offer that service complimentary for them. They began to send the videos out before any sales calls and the result was much less time spent on calls and more time closing deals. They let their past customers speak for them in the testimonial videos, which drastically improved the prospect’s trust in them.

Both of these examples aren’t created for the purpose of marketing. More importantly, they focus on saving businesses time and money while solving some of their biggest problems.

Could the videos be used for marketing? Yeah, why not?  That’s the beauty of video, one asset with multiple ways of implementation.

2. Video works for you 24/7

A video isn’t bound to space and time like you are. It works for you 24/7 and can be viewed by potential customers anywhere, anytime on any device. You could have a social media video production NJ that is seen across the world while you are asleep!

It’s your full-time salesperson, converting curious prospects into lifelong customers!

This is where that powerful word AUTOMATION comes into play. Many times when people hear this word they think it’s a gimmick (or they think of a tesla). However with video, it isn’t a gimmick, it is simply using video the right way.

Let’s take YouTube for example, which is a video hosting website in it’s most basic form.

You go through all the hard work of creating an interesting video, posting it, and sharing it. The video does the rest, it has characteristics to be a naturally passive way of spreading.

Here’s why:

Once the first few people see your video and decide that they like it, they do your work by sharing the video. Maybe the share it with someone who has similar interests, they decide they like it and share it further.

You see where this is going.

A viral video is an extreme example of this, but shows how powerful your video can be seen by an exponential amount of people.

So when you ask “why social media video production is important?”…

The more content you have and is seen by people, the more you become a reputable and trusted source, and that is why social media video production is important.

3. Video establishes branding and culture

If your business is like most business, it has a simple website with some information about your company and what you have to offer.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the cut anymore. Think of it this way, you are competing with many other businesses that offer the same exact service or product. Sure branding and marketing can help you stand out more, but having a fancy logo doesn’t truly represent your company. This brings us to the third reason why social media video production is important.

Video can establish branding and culture unlike any other asset your business can use. Whether your company has one employee or 100,000 employees, you have people behind the scenes who are turning the gears. These people are important and their stories are a valuable asset for your branding and culture.

For the most part, people who work for a company believe in it’s ideas and values, which means that they are a great person to represent your company. In fact, maybe they already do, if they are referring or obtaining business and sales for you, they are the face of the company!

Social media video production can be used to multiply this effect. There are various approaches to translating this to video, it could be interviews, it could be shots of people working, it could be product videos. That comes down to the individual businesses.

Let’s use the example of social media video production company, since most New York City based companies have a unique culture.

The video could show owner grabbing a cup of joe on the street before work, and following up to his office. Showing the team working and each of their individual processes. These are just a few visual examples that show what things look like behind the scenes.

Effectively, your company becomes more than just a screen with a bunch of text and that fancy logo, it becomes a team of hardworking and unique individuals who strive everyday to serve your clients. Pair the video up with some inspirational or motivating music and further define your brand identity for both your clients and staff. Yet another reason why social media video nj is important.

4. Videos educate

It is safe to say that videos are amazing for education. At this point if you haven’t watched a video on YouTube about how to remove a stain or fix your bike chain, are you living under a rock?

Those are very basic examples of how videos are used to educate people, but when used for social media video production, things get complicated, but in a good way.

If your business has a complicated product, service, re-branding, process, etc. Those can all be created as a short explainer video to serve your clients or internal staff. Most people are visual learners, but videos are more than just visual. Videos offer an auditory experience that is very natural for humans. Most of us went to school and learned with auditory feedback from the instructor.

Education and explainer video production is a combination of visual and auditory learning, once edited down to a short video, makes it one of the most efficient and effective ways to learn.

On a similar note, if you offer a product or service that your clients don’t necessarily want but they need (for example, environmental remediation, insurance, protection, etc). Social media video production is a great way to not only educate clients, but to inspire them. Since they most likely have a negative idea towards buying your service or product to begin with, a video is a great way to educate them how their money is being spent and inspiring them to better understand your world and industry.

Those are a few general ways how videos can be used to educate people, therefore, leveraged to benefit your business.

5. Video triggers emotions

The final reason to drive home why social media video is important.


Yeah it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

In fact emotion is so important I saved the best for last. Stick with me…

I am assuming you have seen a movie before. Movies are the pinnacle of social media video production, the top tier. Why you may ask? Because they create strong emotional connections that are unbound to space and time. The same movie that I am assuming you have seen, it made you laugh, smile, cry, feel suspense, feel angry, sad, whatever it may be. It has the power to make you feel.

So how does this matter for social media video production? We create social media videos the same way movies are created. Knowing who your target audience is, our goal is to make them feel in a way that achieves your goal for the video.

You want your customers to feel motivated? No problem, with the right sequence of shots and music selection, we will have them motivated as heck! Want them to laugh? Of course! We can direct you so it ensures at least a smirk from your audience.

Okay, so emotions, feelings, that’s cool and all. But how will it make you money? Let’s take things back to the fundamentals.

We all know that people buy when there is both logic AND emotion. As long as the logical reasoning is there, you just need emotion, which is usually harder to achieve.

Quick example: Business owner needs a new website. Logic, they can go almost anywhere to get a new website created for them. Logic is simply finding the best solution for their problem, which is getting that website. Now for emotion, things get tricky.

Everyone acts, reacts, and feels differently. So how do you crack the code to emotionally connecting with them? You need to show them what it’s like to receive your product, what it’s like to work with you, how they will feel collaborating with you, how your experience is exactly what they need, your beliefs, and your motivation. There isn’t much that separates your service from everyone else’s besides your identity, the most effective and efficient way to convey that is with a video.

Just like that movie made you laugh, cry, or motivated, when video is done correctly it can have the same effect for your business.


If you are still wondering why social media video is important, I’m not sure what to tell you at this point. Maybe re-read the article or browse our website further, watch some of our videos, then you may understand why social media video is important it is for your company!

Since we are located in New Jersey, we offer NJ social media video as a social media video production company, we aren’t limited to location we effectively serve clients worldwide.

Feel free to contact us. Alternatively, learn more about what Lasso has to offer.

Just don’t ask your friends why social media video is important.

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