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May 16, 2024

Video + Marketing = Magic!

Whether you own a business or work for a company, marketing is crucial for success. A lot of times, marketing results may take weeks, months, or even years. One marketing decision could lead to unsurpassed success, how is this achieved?

If you clicked on this page then you know how powerful video marketing services can be for your business. Lasso is a video production company, we will talk about aspects of video marketing services and what we offer. We offer video marketing services New York and video marketing services New Jersey, however our work has spanned across the United States and internationally!

Aspects of Video Marketing Services:

Video Marketing Services New York​

So what is video marketing services, and how will it help my business? There is no short answer to this question because it depends on your business and marketing goals.

If you want to personally form connections and build relationships with your customers online, there’s simply no better way to do that then through video marketing services. Unlike pictures or text, video creates a strong emotions from the visual and auditory experience.

A large part of video marketing services is implementation. Video is great content but if no one sees it, it is useless! At Lasso we offer an implementation guide with our video production services to ensure the right eyes see your content. The beauty of video marketing is that one asset can be implemented multiple different ways to achieve different goals!

Video marketing services can educate and create brand culture. Most people are visual learners which means that a simple 2-3 minute explainer video can educate more effective than a meeting, webinar, pictures, or text. Video marketing services New York is important since New York businesses strive to create unique culture for their workers and customers. Customers support companies with similar culture and employees desire a workplace with similar culture. Video marketing services help achieve and correctly show brand culture better than any form of marketing!

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Although you are wondering why corporate video is important, you may think we are biased, which is true.

More about what we do:

We develop authentic strategy and solutions to connect businesses to their audience using compelling, creative, and narrative-driven video creation. We work with any industry to create video marketing services New York. We produce commercial, corporate, culture, explainer, and social videos.  If you are looking for a company to help your business grow check us out!

Marketing Video Service Creation

At Lasso we offer marketing video service creation, in short we will create the video content necessary for a killer marketing plan. You can work with any video production agency, here’s some of the things we offer.

For our projects we are a full service agency, meaning we will work with you from start to finish to make sure you achieve your goals and find success. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no idea what you want, we can help you!

To begin the marketing video service creation process, we have a discovery meeting to learn about you and your business. From there we will decide the best way to move forward that will make your time and investment effective. The next step is creating a scope of work that outlines the goals and logistics of the video assets and deliverables.

Since we are an on-location service, you could require marketing video marketing creation New York or video marketing services New Jersey. No matter where you are, we will come to you and your business! We offer an array of productions, but generally we will include 1-2 crew members for a 4-8 hour day shoot. Full lighting package to make sure the subject is well-lit, full audio setup with mixing, and a two camera setup. We can deliver up to 6k quality video and of course 1080p, 2k, and 4k options. We have options for sliders, jibs, steadicams, gimbals, car rigs, and more for dynamic movement.

The next step in the marketing video service creation is post-production. We edit and format your video asset for it’s intended platform and target audience. Whether it’s going on your website, Facebook page, or TikTok, we can help you achieve your individual goals for each platform. Editing we provide 2D and 3D animation, animated intro and outro, royalty free music, titles, subtitles, lower-thirds, overlays, sound effects, and audio mastering.

Finally, once the marketing video service creation is complete it is time to implement it. This could mean posting it to your website, Instagram, or email marketing. Whatever the case is, we will help you decide the best outlet, and the best tactics for the most views and engagement! From there, you can re-post it or leave it on auto-pilot and have it work for you!

Digital Marketing Services Video

Now that you understand marketing video service creation for your business, learn how digital marketing services video can mean many things. The digital marketing landscape has been endlessly growing for the past few years. Digital marketing services video means that all your digital marketing should work together.

For example if you’re running some LinkedIn or Facebook ads, then you should be using your digital marketing services video to increase engagement. Since you have video assets, it is simple to plug and play them into your digital marketing landscape. The best practices for your digital marketing services video is to not post it too frequently to the same channels. People likely enjoy and engage with your content, but like pictures and text, too much can often be annoying for your audience.

Similar to our implementation guide, digital marketing services video will help you navigate your businesses digital marketing landscape to effectively publish video content to the right people at the right time!

Video Marketing Services New Jersey

In addition to our services above we also offer video marketing services New Jersey. Lasso is based in New Jersey making it easy to service clients in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. We have served clients across the United States and internationally. Our video marketing services New Jersey are special to us because it is our opportunity to help out local businesses, both big and small.

Video assets are super effective when done right, but most video companies can’t do it right. We make sure that you can achieve your goal with video before we even have foot on set with a camera. If you are a New Jersey based business, take a look at our homepage to see what other businesses we’ve helped and how we can help you further! Video marketing services New Jersey is our favorite business to work with.


The goal of this article is to briefly talk about the importance of good video marketing services. It is not easily achieved, if you are looking for video marketing services New Jersey or video marketing services New York, or anywhere in the United States let us know! We hope you learned more about marketing video service creation and digital marketing services video, if so tell us!

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us. Alternatively, learn more about what Lasso has to offer. We specialize in video marketing services New York!

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